Your Morning Cup of Links

This is so damn cool.

Chick-Fil-A is bribing you with ice cream to put down your damn phone.

As I’ve been saying for years

What do you do when the crowd is just wrong? Nothing you can do. We live in a post-factual age. People will just have to learn the hard way, like they had to learn the hard way that you shouldn’t buy a house you can’t afford.

Scientists may have found evidence that chimps believe in god.

“This is America in 2016…when respect, class and dignity are all relics of the past.”

An economist explains why Trump is bad for everyone

Another reminder that millennials love Bernie because they’re not being taught history and economics at school.

Trump is a lying fraud, Chapter 496.719

“Mr. Trump doesn’t understand how delegates work so we are leaving that issue alone right now.” Lol. But he’s super competent and will hire the best people!

“On behalf of a horrified people: I’m sorry, Abe, for what’s become of the union you sacrificed your life to save”

Trump as national security threat

The Worst Generation

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