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Five paintings by Francis Bacon have been stolen from the private residence in Madrid of J. C. B., a Spanish friend of the legendary painter who inherited the artworks when Bacon died, in 1992. The five paintings have a combined worth of $33 million. It’s the biggest contemporary art heist to have taken place in Spain in the last few decades.


Correct: “Rubio represents the natural evolution of the Tea Party from a protest movement to a governing party, a near-ideal face and vision for the GOP in the 21st century. On paper, the policy differences between Cruz and Rubio are the smallest, but the stylistic differences are enormous. Sunny optimism, inclusive coalition-building, good humor — Rubio fans see their man as exactly the invitation most Americans need to try out conservative ideas and policies. Free-market economics, the rule of law, protection of the unborn — Americans will be receptive to these philosophies as long as the most prominent advocate isn’t a scowling, angry, finger-wagging jerk…Rubio supporters think that President Cruz would at least move policies in the right direction. But they also fear that getting Cruz to the presidency, up against the formidable Clinton machine, would be a heavy lift.”

Trumpbart and Trump: two disgusting, disgraceful thugs in a pod. Shame on those who support either.

This is the worldview of your typical faculty lounge Lefty who has no experience with the real world. Obama has learned absolutely nothing during his time in office. It’s astounding. Kyle Orton has the best takedown of the President’s garbage worldview.


Seems perfectly reasonable to me

Again, if you support the disgusting orange thug who encourages this despicable behavior at his rallies, shame on you.

One of the saddest things to come out of this campaign season has been the outing of Ben Carson as a fraud.

Orwellian and appalling

So…Trumpkins are the Jacobins…and if you follow this to its natural extension, the Trumpkins will eventually behead Trump.

Troll So Hard: “Being married to Donald Trump is, as it turns out, another temporary job Americans just won’t do.” ‪


It’s actually an easy choice and it gets easier every day.

Oh good. Now both frontrunners have a Klan endorsement.

Audiences going to Bristol Old Vic’s “King Lear” will experience the show like 18th century theatergoers

What is your cat saying?

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