Afternoon Links

Tutankhamun tomb has numerous secret chambers

A feminist handbook for ruining your life

Chris Christie really is just a piece of human shit.

Yep. Geraghty’s conclusion, that the country is salvageable, will be affirmed by voters in November when the stability candidate (Hillary) wins resoundingly.

You dare not call yourself conservative if you belong to this arson-minded mass. Conservatives are here to preserve, create, and build, not to ignite and destroy. Insofar as the torch is an American political tradition, it’s not a conservative one — it’s the recourse of our country’s worst radicals, from the Klan to the Weather Underground to the Black Panthers to Timothy McVeigh.

Jotting down Wyoming as a potential place to move to. Real conservatives live there.

A good piece about a pathetic and childish phenomenon

He lies like he breathes: “roughly one misstatement every five minutes on average.”

Wow, Eric Bolling is truly a scumbag. Pathetic.

“Are there good, conservative, intelligent, non-bigoted people who support Trump? Sure. I haven’t met any personally, but I’m sure they exist.”

“We hate the LAMESTREAM media, so we’re letting them pick our candidate for us. But don’t call us stupid!” Lol ok.

Thanks to the Trumpkins, Hillary will win in November handily and with a mandate to be even more progressive than Obama. With Trump rendering the GOP toxic, Clinton can unashamedly move even further left with little fear of a backlash in the general.

Fuck yes. It’s happening.

Study proves what we already know: American millennials are among the dumbest people on the planet. 

Trump makes volunteers sign a form so he can sue them if they criticize him. Donny’s campaign is one big Safe Space.

Why isn’t there #NeverHillary?: “The two major political parties both seem to be on the verge of choosing as their presidential candidate a pathological, sociopathic liar who is obsessed with wealth and power. Yet only one party seems to be in real agony over that possibility.”

Sotheby’s New York will offer a rare $30-million double self-portrait by Francis Bacon, a work that has been off the market for over 4 decades.

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