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The quest to authenticate a Velazquez painting

This monkey’s reaction to a magic trick is amazing

A new batch of Pluto science is here

LOL. Trump’s racist supporters are now costing him delegates. Priceless: “Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump lost out on at least two delegates on Tuesday because some voters declined to choose a delegate representing Trump who had a foreign-sounding name.”

Republicans would have to ask themselves: ‘Is it worth upsetting a bunch of angry, marginally conservative voters who often have a minor fidelity to the doctrines of your party, or are you prepared to put your political infrastructure and full weight behind a cartoonish, George Wallace-like character who’ll probably inflict more damage than you could ever hope to repair?'”

The one thing Trump has been useful for is exposing all these frauds who should have been kicked out of the conservative movement years ago. Good riddance.

The definitive roundup of Trump’s scandals and business failures

“There’s no reason to glad-hand and empathize with 40 percent or so of Republican primary voters who aren’t dismayed by Trump’s violent rhetoric, his authoritarianism, or his self-destructive protectionism. There’s no reason to find common cause with those who don’t find the idea of a president ordering soldiers to murder the innocent families of terrorists — while countermanding American law — to be morally troublesome…These voters have heard about the violence, the illiberalism, and the attacks on the freedom of expression. They cheer it on. They justify it. They rationalize it…If you support Trump you’re an ideological opponent of limited government and liberal institutions.

Meanwhile, in the insane asylums known as American universities...

The student government at the University of California-Davis (UC Davis) quickly saved face after its constituents scorned the governing body for renting out a pair of sumo suits for an annual campus block party. Students accused the Associated Students of the University of California-Davis (ASUCD) of fat shaming, and culturally appropriating the traditions of the Japanese people…Another student, Phil Jones, was shocked at ASUCD’s insensitivity towards overweight students on campus, even demanding financial reimbursement for the emotional distress.

Why does every crap job no one seems capable of doing fall on Paul Ryan’s shoulders? The poor man.


No, no, no, she’s just angry about trade policy. We have to be more understanding and care about her feelings and stuff.

Christ on a cracker

Yep. “I don’t have a legal or moral obligation to vote for someone who’s unfit for the office just because to not do so would allow the other team to win. If Trump doesn’t get my vote, that’s Trump’s fault, not mine.” Put it this way, Trumpkins who are trying to convince me to vote for him: Obama has easily been the worst post-1945 president…and I’d take one more term of him rather than Trump.

“I am a conservative. I believe in limited governments, free markets, and free people. Donald Trump does not…If that means Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States, Donald Trump’s supporters can carry that burden. Everyone saw it coming except for them. If they wish to transform the Republican Party into something it is not nor ever has been, then I will part ways with the GOP.”

Voices from a different Syria

Es Devlin and the psychology of the stage

Of course he did. It’s Obama.

Yep. I would have preferred Perry, Walker, Jindal, or Rubio, but since they’re all gone…”It’s time to grow up and unite Cruz and Rubio supporters behind Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz for President, without rancor or reservation or looking back. Hang together, or hang separately. Join or Die.”

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