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The continual riddle of Shakespeare’s Pericles

Fitting. It does give me some hope that most Americans despise this vile, lying imbecile.

“The GOP had any number of great candidates to run against Hillary this year. But instead, a little more than a third of the GOP electorate decided to have a temper tantrum. ‘Anger’ at Washington DC and people tired of ‘the establishment’ decided the best route to take was to rally around a reality show carnival barker. So after yelling at me on how I need to get on board, you’re going to point the finger at me if Trump loses in November? That’s not how this works. Somebody cannot argue on one hand, Trump’s inevitability and on the other, say a loss is the fault of those who vowed not to support him. You made your decision. Now you live with your decision. When Hillary Clinton is nominating Supreme Court justices, bringing her horrendous record on foreign policy to the White House and her ignorance of economics to the marketplace, don’t go pointing your finger at people like me. Instead, take a good look in the mirror.

Trump’s proud ignorance on matters related to geopolitics is one of the sad things we expect of the average American, not a presidential candidate. Enough.

Turns out America has a “one drop” racial law when it comes to Native Americans. It works as well as you’d expect.


Why nobody wants Saul Bellow’s desk

A new breed of opera diva: sheep

What Ted Cruz said about policing Muslim neighborhoods

‎Not The Onion‬: White Nationalists Launch 24/7 Support Hotline for “Traumatized,” Bullied Trump Supporters

Belgian security services suck

Trump had many, many opportunities to hit Hillary last week. But, as usual, he never does. As usual, he chose to focus his attacks on Megyn Kelly and other Republicans instead.

World’s leading state sponsor of terror wonders why civilized world is worried about investing there.

In a country with a more virtuous, informed citizenry, this would matter. Oh well.

Insane. If this didn’t make you believe someone was up there, looking out for you, nothing would.

Leon is way too nice to Kasich in this post.


New Jersey is a garbage state run by garbage people, Chapter 743,910

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