Your Morning Cup of Links

With jihadis at the door, Syrians rush to rescue history


Good Tom Nichols piece on Obama’s man-made disaster in Syria

Shakespeare, the book tour

Christ help us all. This reads exactly as if you interviewed an escaped mental patient about foreign policy.

Donald Trump is a garbage human being who is leading a movement of other garbage human beings

The latest dangerous concession Obama wants to make to Iran

Meanwhile, Pentagon and State have ordered hundreds of Americans to leave Turkey

Awesome: “Disabled Man Gets To Live His Dream And Travel The World As A ‘Backpack'”

Interesting piece on Vermeer’s art and its affinities with the work of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, father of microbiology.

This needs to be a movie.

‘Privilege Theory’ is a war on happy childhoods

Why those subversive Brontë sisters still hypnotise us

Wow. Good for her. “An Open Letter to Trump Voters from his Top Strategist-Turned-Defector”


The thought of this keeps me up at night. It’s seriously terrifying.

Crazy account of the theft of the Totenberg Stradivarius

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