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What a dumb time to be alive. Memo to female celebrities: you’re boring, your boobs are boring, and no one cares. You’re 50 years late to the sexual revolution.


“Hamilton” will now accept white applicants, but makes clear they’ll all be rejected.

A second look at the gorilla genome shows just how similar we are

Correct. Fuck you, Trumpkins. Forever and always. Fuck. You.

“Trump supporters, no one should let you off of that bandwagon now. You should be handcuffed to that Titanic you volunteered to crew…Technically we’re supposed to welcome previous Trump fans-turned-foes with open arms. But barring some miraculous comeback by Ted Cruz, the Trump campaign will have cost the Republican Party the presidency after eight years of Obama, and perhaps the Senate and even the House – and Scalia’s replacement on the Court as well. Years of effort spent attempting to dispel the accusations of inherent Republican misogyny, xenophobia, hypocrisy, ignorance and blind rage have been undone by Trump’s campaign. And every Trump advocate had a hand in this. We’re not just gonna hug it out.”

Heckuva job, GOP.

Donald Trump lies like Richmal Crompton’s “Just William.” But it’s not cute or funny because he’s not a child. And if you’re an adult who is encouraging this you should feel ashamed.


Of course he does



It’s the reason conservatives, real, genuine, sincere, life- and liberty-loving conservatives, should not simply be exasperated with Trump; they should be furious with him. They should be enraged with every single one of the endorsers who has facilitated this man’s rise. They should be incensed with every pundit and talking-head who has aided and abetted and excused him. Because this has been the pattern for months now. Donald Trump makes some idiotic comment about a subject he’s never considered — torture, Islam, the First Amendment, health care, women, &c. — and then real conservatives, who have actually rubbed two brain cells together thinking about these subjects, have to spend the next day, or week, or month, putting out the fire, assuring everyone that, no, conservatives don’t actually think like this. It’s exhausting, it’s absurd, and it should end. Donald Trump’s statements are not intended to be “true” or “false”; they’re not intended to represent what he actually believes, because he doesn’t believe anything.

As the search for an appropriate historical analogy for Trump goes on, a new suggestion: Henry Wallace.


Good piece on ISIS infiltration of KSA

Sounds about right. This is why I die laughing at the idiot conspiracy theorists who think the CIA runs the world.

The CIA left “explosive training material” under the hood of a Loudoun County school bus after a training exercise last week, a bus that was used to ferry elementary and high school students to and from school on Monday and Tuesday with the material still sitting in the engine compartment, according to the CIA and Loudoun County officials.

Unreal: White House silences translation audio when French president mentions “Islamist terrorism”

“Foreign policy isn’t poetry. It’s not for the solitary genius, but the grinders. It’s the hard and meticulous work of many men and women over many generations who understood the world is flawed, as are they and the nation, America, they serve. Still, as they well knew, morality in international affairs is the privilege that American power afforded the United States and our allies. That moment is in jeopardy. To preserve it will require leadership, sacrifice, and humility—all qualities that after the last seven years America will have to rediscover.”

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