Afternoon Links

What it’s like to spend a night in Van Gogh’s bedroom in Chicago

Important piece detailing the flows of money from US taxpayers to lefty activist groups

“The federal enterprise was created to handle those tasks that are by their nature interstate or national: War, relations with foreign powers, international and interstate trade, immigration, and relations between the states are the reasons it exists…The concept of the country is well-ordered liberty with the necessary evil of a federal government and a presidency that are severely limited in their scope and ambition by provisions written into the Constitution itself. The federal government has enumerated powers, and satisfying Donald Trump’s bloated and cancerous sense of the importance of his own ridiculous person is not one of them.”

Yes, the “alt-right” are just a bunch of racists

Trump probably needs around 2/3 of the white vote to win. Fortunately, there is absolutely no way he will be able to reach that threshold, thank god.

“If he doesn’t win the nomination outright and the convention seems open to another candidate, Trump will threaten to leave the GOP and take his voters with him. Fear of that outcome is why so many in the Republican Party have catered to Trump for so long. They should stop. If Donald Trump and Chris Christie and Sarah Palin and Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions and Sean Hannity want to leave, well, arrivederci.”

Give these kids some damn homework, for fuck’s sake.

*rubs hands together gleefully*

“The Walking Dead” season finale was hot garbage and, like these Atlantic writers, I’m about ready to give up on the show (not really, I’ll just hate-watch it, like I do “Grey’s Anatomy”). At least it inspired an Eat Arby’s mention from Sonny Bunch.

Not in the least bit surprising. Neither is this. Appalling, but not surprising.

The position of “Chief Wombat Cuddler” is now open

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ted Cruz, you magnificent bastard!

Tiger numbers could double by 2022

Yes, no doubt about it.

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