Your Morning Cup of Links

The little-known story of Lorelei fountain in the Bronx – which may be one of the most vandalized monuments in New York.

Shakespeare First Folio discovered on Scottish island

“The permanent, endless tax most Americans pay on their homes is one of the most pernicious forms of taxation, because that tax means that there is no such thing as a homeowner.”

Sounds like a fascinating book about the first 30 years of JMW Turner’s career

Not counting Trump propaganda, the biggest myth of this campaign is that Kasich is a really sweet, positive guy.

Salman Rushdie: How Cervantes and Shakespeare wrote the modern literary rule book

Charlotte Bronte’s awkwardness

Another important new report on Trump’s connections to Russian organized crime

I can’t imagine why this unhinged screaming lunatic doesn’t have a job. It’s a mystery.

Stolen Edvard Munch work recovered after seven years missing

This poll is such good news for Cruz it’s hard to overstate it. Down 7 with two months to go, Trump under 40.

Because Oberlin is a garbage place filled with garbage people.

Trump may literally be too stupid to win the nomination. Inshallah.

Maybe there’s hope for you yet, America.

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