Your Morning Cup of Links

Politico has no idea what the Hobby Lobby decision was about

Everything awful about Trump’s campaign in one tweet

Traditional conservative populism is: the elites think you’re rotten, but the joke’s on them because you’re actually better than them. You’re honest, hard-working, salt-of-earth people with heartland values, unlike those corrupt, effete, cynical jerks. This was often exaggerated and could amount to reverse snobbery, but there sure was something to it.

Trump’s version of populism is different. His message is: the elites think you’re rotten, so you might as well give up trying to be good. You’re never going to be politically correct enough, so throw out all standards of decency. They’re going to hate you anyway, so you might as well be what they hate you for. It’s an appeal to popular vice instead of popular virtue.

That’s the root of what’s awful about Donald Trump’s campaign: instead of offering voters a better version of themselves, he wants them to be the worst version of themselves. He wants to rise to highest office by dragging everybody else down.

Sigh. You would think when you move to America and get your own TV show, you would want to learn about your new country. But Trevor Noah is apparently as uninformed and incurious as most Americans.

“So of course the rants, and the threats, will get worse and louder and more popular and more dangerous because that’s the America that Barack Obama is passing on—a divided, tribal country where citizens are regularly impugned on the basis of their religion, skin color, income levels, party affiliation, or whatever other characteristics will help a politician gain and keep power. But don’t blame Obama for that. It’s not his fault, because it’s always someone else’s fault…And don’t blame Donald Trump if racists love him too. Nothing is Trump’s fault, just like nothing is Obama’s fault, because they’re the same guy—narcissists who overvalue their own intelligence, exaggerate their achievements, and blame others for their failures. And that’s exactly what America deserves right now—because that’s the nation that we’ve become.”

Lol. Leightweight chocker! Sad!

Anthony Hecht and Shakespeare

An adventurous Emily Dickinson

Salvador Dali’s Zionist paintings

JFC. Not only was the first Derby held 10 years after the Civil War, but Kentucky ended up in the Union.

Ted Cruz, you magnificent bastard!

Great story, great man

Blinding, pig-ignorant lunacy has consequences

When pianist André Tchaíkowsky died in 1982, he donated his skull to the Royal Shakespeare Company to be used in performances. In a 2008 production of Hamlet, he was Yorick. Not every cranium donor has been so lucky.

The Met’s broken angel reveals its creator’s methods

LOL. The stupid falls close to the tree.

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