Your Morning Cup of Links

Millicent is the zombie fighter we should all strive to be

Beautiful monsters: Art and obsession in Tuscany

He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

Any of these are good life mottos. Number 6 is mine.

Great reporting on how Trump manages to cultivate a reputation for charity without giving a dime.

Nation’s largest insurer just pulled out of Obamacare

Your tax dollars at work:

The Pentagon spent $6.1 million shipping Italian male goats to Afghanistan to mate with female Afghan goats to make cashmere as one of several initiatives to boost the Afghan economy after the war. But many of the female goats were infected with a disease that could have wiped out the whole herd, Speier said. As a result, only two of “those fancy Italian goats” are still usable, she said.

DePaul University bans chalk for student safety

The unrecognized decision that saved Apollo 13

Good man

This is amazing. “We don’t approve of our readers’ reaction to our well-sourced story, so we’ve suppressed it.”

Unreal. Merkel lets comedian face prosecution for Erdoğan poem.

As expected, Americans’ “economic patriotism” recedes when confronted with real world examples

Scientists seek to resurrect the Auroch, the extinct beast that inspired cave paintings

I want a pelican.

Paul Ryan isn’t running for president, he’s running a policy campaign to try to save the House and Senate because the Trumpkins have ruined everything.

Prosecutors Raid Geneva Freeport in Search of David Nahmad’s Modigliani Painting

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