Your Morning Cup of Links

Mary Shelley among the Radicals

Excited to get this book tomorrow

Van Dyck’s masterful portraiture

Bill Nye the Fascist Guy

Morgan Freeman writes “Jerusalem, Israel,” faces anti-Israel backlash, deletes “Israel” because he’s a coward.

Workmen discover Roman villa while laying power lines

Physical books forever

I can’t tell if this endorsement is real or parody. “This guy is awful. We endorse him!”

Used to fly to the moon. Now reduced to posting snarky Facebook comments. ‪#‎MakeNASAGreatAgain‬

“It seems pretty obvious to me that the rage I hear from Trump supporters when I say they’re wrong stems from a kind of insecurity or resentment. Simply put, they want to be validated. It’s an awfully similar response to what we hear constantly on college campuses from the delicate little flowers who say they don’t want debate, they want empowerment. It turns out that many of the mental habits we mock and ridicule on the left have ample purchase on the right as well.”

More Baltic shenanigans: RUAF Su-27 got within 50 feet of a USAF RC-135 and did a barrel roll over it. RC-135 is a slow-moving, unarmed SIGINT collector. Russian Air Force wants an “incident.” They’ll eventually get one.

“If museums make everything beautiful, the internet makes everything ugly…What a marvellous backhanded compliment to great art, to still be offended by it after all these years.”

Trump’s vile New York values: How The Donald represents the worst of a great city”

Trump has hired yet another creep who works with America’s enemies

“Obama Administration Urges Iran To Stop Financing and Practicing Terrorism” LOL just kidding


Britain’s navy would regularly beat American ships at sea during the War of Independence. What were harder to conquer were America’s rivers and lakes.

Hope those of you who pay taxes enjoyed paying your taxes this week. Here’s some of the horseshit the Left spends your hard-earned money on.

Hong Kong museum dedicated to the Tiananmen Square protests to close because of legal dispute.

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