Your Morning Cup of Links

35 descendants from Leonardo da Vinci’s family have been identified. Most of them still live in Tuscany.

“There is no point in unmasking Saudi Arabia’s role in the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans while ignoring the equally important, and possibly far greater role of Iran behind 9/11. It’s time for the truth to be revealed.” Correct. The road to 9/11 was paved by Riyadh’s moneymen and Tehran’s spies. Amateurs discuss the secret Saudi role behind 9/11. Professionals discuss the Iranians.

If you want to visit historic American sites, expect the PC guilt-trip tour because the Left ruins everything.

Civil asset forfeiture is an abomination and I have nothing but seething hatred and contempt for those who defend it.

That’s because he’s a lying piece of shit.

“Like a Pied Piper leading idiots instead of rats – rats are more useful than college students and often cleaner – the Sanders movement is dedicated to the principle that ‘What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine because I want it.’ It’s not enough that we paid for our own college. Now we have to pay for theirs too. Why? Because it would be super convenient for them to not have to actually work for what they want. It’s so much easier just to take from others instead of making tough choices like, ‘Do I go $100K in debt majoring in Venezuelan Transgender Literature of the 17th Century and try to pay it off fetching lattes, or do I apprentice with a plumber and pull down $100K a year?'”

Rush Limbaugh has completely lost his way

There’s nothing the Left hates more than an African-American who won’t fall in line with them. The way they treat this brilliant man is despicable.

These guys are so awesome: Inmates who last year out-debated Harvard just beat West Point, arguing that corporations have constitutional rights.

I’m going to Missouri and I won’t leave alive.

Oh FFS. If you can’t distinguish between the debate over substantive due process and the debate over policy, you’re not very bright.



Women can do pull-ups. Those who can’t shouldn’t be going into combat.

Vox is vexed by the Supreme Court’s refusal to subordinate the rule of law to the braying of the mob.

Tennis, the most isolating of games, draws the obsessive and brooding, those in search of agony and transcendence. Literary types, in other words.

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