Your Morning Cup of Links

Dear Christ, he still doesn’t get it. It’s incredible how a person can be completely incapable of learning.

What a dumb time to be alive

“All of life is a giant ‘loophole’ until liberals come up with a way to regulate or tax it.”

The Coetzee archives

R. V. Young considers what it means to say that Shakespeare and Cervantes were masters of realism.

This year is the 400th anniversary of both Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’s death. Numerous events mark the bard’s passing in England. In Spain, there are a handful of readings and tours celebrating Cervantes, but he has been mostly ignored. Why?

All of Shakespeare’s death scenes will be played out today, to commemorate the anniversary of his death

The Salem Witch Trials and the Social Justice Warrior Hysteria

New York’s Yiddish Theater

Possibly the stupidest thing you’ll read this year. “I’m an idiot and an asshole who has knowingly lived beyond my means for decades, and it’s America’s fault! Feel sorry for me!”

Another reason to hope Cruz gets the nomination! Peter King will finally do us all a favor and kill himself.

Hey Sanders and Trump supporters, either learn how our system of government works or shut the fuck up already and go back to watching the Kardashians.


Fuck Assad. Fuck Russia. Fuck Iran.

The Idiocracy has its first love triangle: Low-information voters + low-information media + low-information Trump

21st century Europe is such a stupid place

MTV is going to actually return to being a music channel...sort of.


The best part about the fries promotion, incidentally, is that the guy behind it seems to have hit on like six different other gimmicks to try to promote his new franchise before realizing that nothing captures the public’s interest quite like appealing to our very fat asses. This is going to be the McDonald’s of the future, he said! (Meh.) You’re going to do all of your ordering at newfangled kiosks! (Meh.) You can customize your order any way you like! (Meh.) And it’ll be oh so comfortable, with couches and armchairs! (Meh.) There’ll be table service too! (Meh.) And “interactive light board tables and tabletop video games” for your kids so the whole family can have fun! (Meh.) And, uh … all the fries you can shove into that Sarlacc between your nose and chin. WUT.”

YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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