Your Morning Cup of Links

Prince’s best patriotic rock song you’ve never heard

The Reactionary Mind


Classless Crybaby Donald Trump Wants to Be America’s Complainer in Chief

“Clarence Thomas should be a role model for young black men. But advancing human liberty and dignity is not the priority for liberals. Their priority is advancing their left wing agenda and using blacks as a tool to do it.”

What they didn’t teach you in school about Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is among the most under-appreciated American heroes every American “knows.” She was an absolutely extraordinary woman. I highly recommend reading up on her. The link above and this one are a good start.


The Left’s absolute control of academia is one of the top 3 biggest problems in America. (The other two are the size of government and the destruction of the family, which are also achievements of the Left.)

“To consider the unspoken question — Why is it that some Americans’ labor is valued so little that we feel the need to threaten people with time in the penitentiary for valuing it honestly? — is to wade quite deeply into that human complexity that Professor Krugman mentions in passing. We might talk about the value of maintaining a holdover 19th century Prussian monopoly model of education. We might consider the wage effects of a costly, cumbrous, corrupt, and unpredictable regulatory regime. We might talk about trade policy, labor organizing, the ineffectiveness of U.S. public institutions compared with their counterparts in countries as different as Sweden and Singapore, the severity and complexity of U.S. business taxes, etc. Policies have consequences, and simply having the prince declare that those consequences shall not exist isn’t a solution.”

Because millennials are the worst?

Shakespeare and Islam: How did the Bard view Muslims?

If you ignore all the tedious virtue-signaling this piece is actually about how Hollywood – being stunted by PC Leftism – can’t do justice to Kipling’s genius.

The target Cervantes and Shakespeare attacked was the grandest myth of the Middle Ages: chivalry.

Why colors you see in an art museum can’t be replicated today.

“Homo sapiens have been around for about 200,000 years, and for the first 189,240 nothing happened. And then something did, and the material condition of the human race was changed radically in an almost inconceivably short period of time. Sixty-six years passed between the Wright brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk and our landing on the moon. Sixteen years passed between the publication of The Grapes of Wrath and the opening of Disneyland. Ten years ago, no one had ever seen an iPhone. These changes did not happen because there is a law of nature demanding that Americans in 2016 be happy, well-fed, and secure. They happened because of ideas, habits, practices, culture, and political institutions that came from particular men in a particular time and place. Those ideas have enemies, two of whom are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.”

Yay government health care!

Oh FFS: “Only 17% of speeches in Shakespeare’s plays are by women. Shakespeare may have been widely championed as a visionary, but this description can’t be applied to his record on gender equality.” I know, right? Sad to see a guy who lived 400 years ago failing to reflect the values of the 21st century. smh.


VA Service Dog Study Members Speak Out For Its Expansion

Oh shut up already.


Trump campaign’s adviser for veterans issues can’t account for $6 million raised for veterans charities by the billionaire—and from the sounds of it, couldn’t care less.


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