Your Morning Cup of Links


Stop whining. Nobody owes you a job.

I think VDH is far too generous to Trumpkins here, but it’s hard to argue with his main point.

Ferris Bueller’s float scene? Today, they would call it “cultural appropriation.”

LOL What a fucking lunatic.

Bathrooms and fear

Frank Furedi argues (correctly, I believe) that the desire for a “post-border” world runs parallel with “a loss of nerve about making moral distinctions.”

SHOCK: UC Berkeley Touts $15 Minimum Wage Law, Then Fires Hundreds Of Workers After It Passes

Millennials may need drill sergeants beyond basic because they’re so undisciplined

US adopts long-used Israeli urban warfighting tactics in new bid to limit civilian casualties

The ethics of the traditional British boarding-school novel

“The same people who’ve mocked Barack Obama — rightly! — for years because he mispronounced corpsmen “corpse-men,” blithely whistle past the graveyard of Donald Trump’s lifeless intellect. The same people who mocked Barack Obama — rightly — for his vanity and arrogance, shiver with school-girl glee at Trump’s Brobdingnagian ego. The same people who’ve denounced Barack Obama’s unilateral statism — rightly — take it on faith that Donald Trump through his own force of will shall set the country aright with Stakhanovite strength. The double standard is so huge, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t see it from space.”

The Basque town of Guernica was leveled by German bombers on April 26, 1937 as a birthday gift to Hitler. The bombing became the subject of Picasso’s most famous mural, but the work is more personal than political.

Calling out the smug style in American liberalism 

Exactly: “If Priebus and Team GOP want to bless this mess, that’s their prerogative. But why would any principled conservative have a strong preference between two centrist Democrats, one of whom is a criminal and the other of whom is a loose cannon who’s promised, onstage in front of cameras, that the military will obey his illegal orders?”

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