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The search for black holes sparked rivalries that caused scientists to cut off contact with each other and even brick their office doors.

What eventually rescued T.S. Eliot from the depths of despair? The Anglican Church and Valerie.

What a lunatic. Just leave people alone already.


A migrant couple who have nine children and receive nearly £5,000 a month in benefits want state-funded IVF treatment in Austria. The couple, whose names are not known, fled Afghanistan for Austria – the man arriving in 2011 and the 44-year-old woman in 2013. Two of their children have disabilities so severe that doctors believe they would die without medical treatment. But the couple remain determined to have a tenth child and have turned to Austria’s IVF fund to cover the cost.

What a pathetic, foolish group of people


Seriously, if civil asset forfeiture doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t want to know you.


JMW Turner is the first artist to be featured on a British banknote.


A North Carolina middle school choir singing the National Anthem at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City was shut down by two security guards, according to a report. The reason? It could be considered a public demonstration. The New York Post reported that the guards told music teacher Martha Brown that the group needed a permit to sing.

Who among us hasn’t stolen a monkey from our spouse to give to a hooker?

I stopped reading at “dual citizen who went overseas.” “I worked for the CIA, kept foreign citizenship, left the country during a controversy knowing there was a warrant out for my arrest. Now help me.” No. Be smarter.

Stuff like this almost puts me on Team “Establishment.” The parties are supposed to cater to dumbasses like this?

Krupski, a registered Democrat who twice voted for Obama, is turning his back on the party this year. He plans to vote for Trump in November. “It seems like Donald Trump has a better idea of trying to tighten things up so this ISIS thing doesn’t hurt people,” Krupski says. But in last week’s New York primary, Krupski voted for Sanders. For one, he didn’t want to change his party affiliation: “I vote for the person and not the party.” Plus, Krupski doesn’t want Clinton to get the Democratic nomination. “We have to go in another direction with the leadership for this country,” he says.

“The parties don’t listen to me!!” That’s because you’re retarded.

Shakespeare is not our contemporary

Charlotte Brontë’s classroom fantasy

Airlift is sending 33 lions from South American circuses to African sanctuary

A good moon is hard to find — but Pluto’s “little sister” just got one

“British readers will be flattered to see that some attention is paid to Henry VIII’s virile member”

Typical Trump supporter: a stupid person who is angry about things they don’t understand.

I have not an ounce of sympathy for these people. Don’t live beyond your means. Tell your kids “no” sometimes. It’s not hard. My parents did it. Their parents did it.

Beyonce sucks:

What I’m articulating is a familiar lament about all pop music today. It’s not art, it’s advertising…Everything in pop culture is a franchise now, including pop singers. It’s all made for the purpose of perpetuating itself, like a virus. It certainly is not interested in expressing anything true or beautiful or good or difficult or joyous or painful. The new Beyonce song is just the old Beyonce song with an arguably different computer-generated beat…I could lob that criticism at most of what we consume in this culture. So much of it is bland, superficial, repetitious, existing for its own sake. Devoured quickly, with little intellectual effort. I find it therefore annoying and confusing when people speak of Beyonce’s alleged genius.

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