Your Morning Cup of Links

The new face of Bordeaux: Famous French food and wine reimagined

The end of democracy in America

Dear Indiana: You’re not getting killed on trade.

Cruz wastes his time arguing with an utter moron for seven minutes

This strange, tailless comet could teach us about Earth’s origins

A more flawed Elizabeth I—perhaps a more human one—emerges from a new biography

“Obama’s presidency will be the first in modern times to fail to coincide with at least one year of 3 percent economic growth.”

American government is purposefully structured to withstand the ‘will of the people,’ because mobs make stupid mistakes.”

Don’t insult mothers by pushing the self-centeredness so typical of millennials into the maternal framework, into a word that indicates self-sacrifice, a profound commitment to another life, and caring beyond yourself for the next generation. ‘Meternity’ is an asinine attempt at squeezing extended me-time out of employers by downplaying the real work involved in mothering a new child. Motherhood is at once a choice and a sacrifice, chaotic but proper, grueling work but bearing immense joy. This blessing, with all its burdens, comes not through time spent in self discovery, but in stepping outside yourself, in the willingness to break your body to create new life, in caring for a new, tiny, helpless baby who knows nothing of your insecurities, big plans, or fatigue.”

Every word of this George Will piece.

Brett Gamboa argues that any effort to “translate” Shakespeare into modern English “is doomed from inception.”

Benjamin Franklin’s guide to making friends

Conservatives should get some balls:

Being Never Trump is the cheapest political insurance out there. For limited-government conservatives, drawing the stark, clear contrast between the juche of the Trump cult and the principles of limited-government conservatism is a civics lesson that’s been missing. His very loose grasp of the law, the Constitution, and the powers of the executive and limits on state power are a recapitulation of the same contest of man and mob versus law and principle that is as old as human governance. National security conservatives need to keep treating Trump’s Blonde Putin, dumbest-guy-in-the room opera-buffa nationalist act with the ridicule it deserves, lest he come to define American foreign policy in the minds of millions of Americans, and billions overseas.

Grassroots Republican activists (the overwhelming majority of whom are decidedly Never Trump) should push hard to separate his toxic brand from their party at the state and local level, confident in the certain knowledge that this man is an existential danger to the Republic, and is spectacularly unqualified in temperament, judgment and knowledge to serve as a local dogcatcher, much less as President. They should keep fighting Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP, not because it’s easy or because it’s fun or because Ted Cruz is some perfect Republican dream-date candidate, but despite it.

Just in time

Walt Whitman’s guide to ‘manly health’

The crisis of English prose

Camille Paglia: A life of observation

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