Your Morning Cup of Links

You could just ask for less ice instead of being a litigious dick, but this is America 2016 and I know that’s too much to ask.

Unreal. This is like 1984 parody.

I will always love Beirut. One of my favorite places on Earth.

LEGO-Style Braille Bricks Help Visually Impaired Children Learn to Read

Enjoy your unhinged lunatic, GOP.

Thank you, Jake.

They don’t care, Andy. They can’t read and they don’t listen. Nothing matters.

“Some will take a cynical — but very arguably realistic — view of their fellow citizens and say: Look, no matter how much you might wish it to be otherwise, your average American is simply not that smart. Your average American is prone to believe in all sorts of foolish things — UFOs, Bigfoot, Democratic Socialism — and likes things kept simple and low-brow for him…An aspirational candidate — one that sums the virtues and gifts we (most of us) would like to have in ourselves — shows voters what they can be. A candidate like Trump, on the other hand, shows them what they really are.”

Conservatives tell Trump Propaganda Network to fuck off.

This should surprise no one.

“Every distinctive value on which America was founded is in jeopardy.”

A history of exotic animals in England

Why did a ship that was close enough to the Titanic to rescue all her passengers and crew do nothing? David Dyer explores this and other questions in his new historical novel, The Midnight Watch.

Yep. Very sad.

Trump proved that many of the party’s moderates and establishmentarians hate the thought of a True Conservative nominee even more than they fear handing the nomination to a proto-fascist grotesque with zero political experience and poor impulse control. That goes for the prominent politicians who refused to endorse Cruz, the prominent donors who sat on their hands once the field narrowed and all the moderate-Republican voters in blue states who turned out to be #NeverCruz first and #NeverTrump less so or even not at all.

Finally, Trump proved that many professional True Conservatives, many of the same people who flayed RINOs and demanded purity throughout the Obama era, were actually just playing a convenient part. From Fox News’ 10 p.m. hour to talk radio to the ranks of lesser pundits, a long list of people who should have been all-in for Cruz on ideological grounds either flirted with Trump, affected neutrality or threw down their cloaks for the Donald to stomp over to the nomination. Cruz thought he would have a movement behind him, but part of that movement was actually a racket, and Trumpistas were simply better marks.

“Americans and Republicans, remember: You asked for this. Given the choice between a dozen solid conservatives and one Clinton-supporting con artist and game-show host, you chose the con artist. You chose him freely. Nobody made you do it. I will be reminding you all of that, from time to time.” Yep. And now you’re going to get it good and hard, folks. Good. And. Hard.

Your idiot Republican primary voter in a nutshell:

Just a few hours before the polls closed, I was standing on a corner in downtown Indianapolis doing a brief live interview on Fox. Beforehand, a man who said he was a conservative Republican came up to say hello and talk politics. I asked him whether he had voted. He said he had. Well? I asked. He said he voted for the candidate who would most steadfastly uphold the Tenth Amendment, the Second Amendment, and the rule of law. I thought he was about to say he voted for Cruz. It turned out he voted for Trump.

Wreckage Of Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour May Be In Rhode Island Port

The most politically incorrect thing in Kipling’s Jungle Book? That boys desperately need fathers.

The education of John Quincy Adams

“These cheese eating surrender monkeys are about to learn that Trump supporters are not the only people on earth who can be angry. The 60% of the GOP that has steadfastly opposed Trump as a fake and a charlatan from day one is sick to death of watching the cowards in this party stand on the sidelines while the rigged delegate rules send Trump towards the 50% threshold in spite of the fact that he is getting less than 40% of the vote.”

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