Your Morning Cup of Links

Trump Against Humanity


Sometimes there is no lesser of two evils:

When the choice is two reprehensible, corrupt, and immoral demagogues, you can always pick the ethical way out and say none of the above…For those who are idealists about the Constitution–and there are probably far fewer than some of us like to imagine–there are a number of reasons to sabotage The Party of Trump, even if it ends with a Hillary presidency. The first is salvaging some of your own dignity and principles. But there are other, long-term political advantages to beating back an authoritarian populist who peddles conspiracy theories and big-government schemes and doesn’t have a freshman-level comprehension about the basic workings of American governance. For starters, there are things just as important as the presidency. It’s better to have a minority party impeding the growth of government power—yes, often ineffectively and incompetently—than enabling two parties that embrace it.

It is a disgrace and an embarrassment that the people of the world’s greatest democracy cannot or will not field better candidates for the highest office in the land.”

When incarcerated mothers read to their children

“You wanted to have your temper tantrum about the dreaded establishment and ignore much better qualified candidates that would have been able to beat Hillary and now you’re going to try and blame me and others who won’t vote for that fraud? Get stuck, chumps. You decided to back a guy with negatives that would make serial killers cringe. You decided to throw your support behind a carnival barker that doesn’t know a damned thing about trade or foreign policy. You decided a guy who has never once mentioned liberty or the constitution on the campaign trail is the best candidate to face off against Hillary Clinton. You’re backing a guy that flirted with 9/11 truthers and who accused Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the effing Kennedy assassination.”

Meanwhile, across the pond, London is about to elect a mayor who referred to moderate Muslims as ‘Uncle Toms’ on Iranian state TV in 2009.

Because unlike the idiot Republican Party, the Democrat Party recognizes that the Party picks the candidate and doesn’t leave important decisions to the vagaries of democracy.

“It never occurred to me that the Republican base, which claims to be devoutly conservative, would even entertain the idea of voting for a center-left tabloid-sheet clown incapable of answering policy questions in greater detail than ‘we’re gonna build a wall and it’ll be beautiful, that I can tell you.’”

Add Virginia Tech to the list

Brazil ponders a sex theme park with no sex allowed.

SI’s reader base – heterosexual males – must be thrilled.

A basement dedicated to extreme LEGO building

The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder shows the artful simplicity of her prose and her gift for narrative and description.

What’s with the oddly horticultural lingo of Israeli soldiers?

Gary Saul Morson argues that Crime and Punishment is one of the most scathing critiques of “the intelligentsia” in modern literature.

The arts are not therapeutic, according to a report by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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