Your Morning Cup of Links

Atmospheric Oxygen Detected on Mars for 1st Time in 40 Years

Auguste Rodin’s ‘L’Éternal Printemps’ brings $20.4m at New York auction – a new record for the artist

Boy’s service dog gets her own school yearbook photo

300 hours of classes “on the theory and practice of shampooing” required to legally wash hair in Tennessee.

Over the almost 15 years Trump ran Trump Hotels, the company never made money and lost $1.7 billion.

Damn right #Merica

Please keep these Harvard students, who endure minor criticism for supporting Hillary, in your thoughts and prayers.

Man faces hate crime charge in Scotland over dog’s ‘Nazi salute’

Uber for tractors

The conservative case against Trump

His unfitness starts with basic issues of temperament. It encompasses the race-baiting, the conspiracy theorizing, the flirtations with violence, and the pathological lying that have been his campaign-trail stock in trade. But above all it is Trump’s authoritarianism that makes him unfit for the presidency — his stated admiration for Putin and the Chinese Politburo, his promise to use the power of the presidency against private enterprises, the casual threats he and his surrogates toss off against party donors, military officers, the press, the speaker of the House, and more…Trump is actively campaigning as a Caesarist…And given his mix of proud ignorance and immense self-regard, there is no reason to believe that any of this is just an act…In sum: It would be possible to justify support for Trump if he merely promised a period of chaos for conservatism. But to support Trump for the presidency is to invite chaos upon the republic and the world…To Trump himself, there is no patriotic answer except “no.”

“We reject an all-powerful state, whether it’s in the hands of a leftist technocrat or a bright-orange alt-right neo-fascist.”

JFC. Truly one of the dumbest people alive.

This idiot, who is upset that the “deeply insensitive” Lord of the Rings can be bought “without a special license,” should be pushed from a helicopter.

Facebook employees admit to repressing conservative news

79 years old, but would rather back Trump and shrug at his POW insult in order to try to keep his seat than retire. Pathetic.

No, you don’t have an obligation to vote.

Saving Cobra: The Rescue of an Orphaned Chimpanzee

Remembering Evelyn Waugh

Harvard’s War on Civil Society Trains Students for Totalitarianism

The new immersive theater

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