Your Morning Cup of Links

Can’t you just feel the moderation?

The Obama administration “lost” e-mails central to a scandal? That’s only the third or fourth time this has happened. I’m sure it’s just yet another coincidence.

How joining a middle-aged ladies’ book club in college changed a young football star’s life

How President Obama – with the help of an equally arrogant 38-year-old national security fabulist – remade the Middle East to empower America’s most hated enemy.

Obama’s lawsuit against North Carolina isn’t about civil rights. It’s about crushing dissent.

Ben Rhodes is the ‘Blob’ he hates

LMAO Trump thinks it’s “a very good thing” that London just elected a mayor who called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” on Iranian State TV.

Well, of course he is. And his followers – the white welfare staters – are getting what they want: a racist Sanders.

This is a joke, right?

I’m sure the current investigation will be thorough and fair.

Flint’s Democrat mayor diverted water-crisis money to political PAC, lawsuit says


As I’ve said before, the new director of Shakespeare’s Globe is garbage.

Ms. Rice overwhelms the play with gimmickry. Start with inexcusable injections of contemporary slang and cussing into the Bard’s dialogue. “Get away from me, you ugly b—h!” Edmund Derrington’s Lysander screams at Hermia (Anjana Vasan) after Puck’s misapplied love-powder sours him on his beloved. Then there’s the sex. Shakespeare’s subtle sexual humor is lost to a drag and burlesque sensibility that prefers raunchy grinding and nipple tassels. Almost every scene includes a pop number or two, such as Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”


Botticelli: Love, Wisdom, Terror

Ottilie Mulzet reviews György Spiró’s Captivity – a masterful novel that attempts to re-awaken the classical “Latin-Hellenic-Hebraic world.”

My kingdom for an English country house during the interwar period

Just in time: Kepler finds a bunch of planets to escape to.

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