Your Morning Cup of Links

A tale of two architects. Frank Lloyd Wright, genius; Philip Johnson, highbrow aesthete. How were they rivals when one so eclipsed the other?

The inaugural address we won’t hear, but should

Washington elites can’t survive without ignorant voters

The Iran deal wasn’t about nukes at all

How do you memorize a 60,000-word poem?

In 1992, at the age of 58, Basinger decided to memorize Paradise Lost, John Milton’s epic poem, as a form of mental activity while he was working out at the gym. An actor, he’d memorized shorter poems before, and he wanted to see how much of the epic he could remember. “As I finished each book,” he wrote, “I began to perform it and keep it alive in repertory while committing the next to memory.”

The twelve books of Paradise Lost contain over 60,000 words; it took Basinger about 3,000 hours to learn them by rote. He did so by reciting the piece, line-by-line out loud, for about an hour a day for nine years. When he memorized all 12 books, in 2001, Basinger performed the masterpiece in a live recital that lasted three days.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Men are Women

Of course he was

That should do it. Problem solved!

Jesus Fucking Christ

One of the main problems of America’s many problems

For the first time in modern history, young adults ages 18 to 34 are more likely to live with a parent than with a romantic partner, according to a new census analysis by the Pew Research Center.

The man who invented stainless steel

People actually pay to send their children to this insane asylum.

More than thirteen hundred students signed a petition calling for the college to eliminate any grade lower than a C for the semester, but to no avail. “Students felt really unsupported in their endeavors to engage with the world outside Oberlin,” she told me.

America doesn’t deserve him.

When Whit Stillman met Jane Austen

And another essay on the above topic

The secret history of the Iran deal echo chamber

The genius of Edgar Allan Poe

What would it look like for an art lover to walk through the world of a painting they adore?

UK mounts $14 million campaign to save Queen Elizabeth I’s Armada portrait

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