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Evening Art Break

Ferdinand Hodler (1890)


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Throwback Thursday


Extras relaxing on the set of “Cleopatra,” 1963.

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Your Morning Cup of Links

Hubble Telescope celebrates the 4th early, captures celestial ‘firework’ show

The man is a scumbag grifter. Always has been, always will be.

Self-government requires a virtuous population. Because the essence of virtue is governing oneself. We no longer have one.

The relevance of Show Boat

“It seems that some now think that terminating a human life is an act of virtue-signaling political protest, like wearing the ribbon du jour or putting a Darwin fish on your car.”

Obama did not ask for an intel brief the day after the Benghazi attack

A history of the hot dog

A.E. Housman’s England

This is such a mistake. I hate when they do this. Focus on 2A and only 2A, guys.

Good lord, these are the most miserable, tedious people. I almost feel bad for them.

LOL yeah ok, sure, go with that

Everyone has lost their damn minds

This explains so much. So, so much.

Stephen Orgel’s The Reader in the Book: A Study of Spaces and Traces reminds us that “the history of any particular book does not conclude with its publication.”

Disney princess power is girl power

Meanwhile, in Lefty paradise...

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Afternoon Art Break

“Pope’s Villa, at Twickenham”
William Turner (1808)


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Poem for the Week

The Nile
by James Leigh Hunt (1784-1859)

It flows through old hushed Egypt and its sands,
Like some grave mighty thought threading a dream,
And times and things, as in that vision, seem
Keeping along it their eternal stands,—
Caves, pillars, pyramids, the shepherd bands
That roamed through the young world, the glory extreme
Of high Sesostris, and that southern beam,
The laughing queen that caught the world’s great hands.
Then comes a mightier silence, stern and strong,
As of a world left empty of its throng,
And the void weighs on us; and then we wake,
And hear the fruitful stream lapsing along
Twixt villages, and think how we shall take
Our own calm journey on for human sake.

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Afternoon Art Break

“The Banjo Lesson”
Henry Ossawa Tanner (1893)


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Afternoon Links

Elie Wiesel visits Disneyland

Eliot, Auden, and Yeats all praised David Jones’s 1937 In Parenthesis as a masterpiece, the best long poem to come out of World War I – so how come no one reads it anymore?

Charlotte Brontë’s dress gaffe ruled out 165 years after Thackeray dinner

How the Rose Garden became the Rose Garden

Review of a judicious new biography of William Sherman

Where rich people learn how to survive the apocalypse 

“Veep” is a cathartic show for an awful political age

The National Zoo celebrates the first pregnancy of one of its orangutans in a quarter century.

Hubble Telescope will shoot for another five years

Risky South Pole rescue succeeds as two patients are airlifted out

When poets are parents

“Giving birth not a gender-neutral event” ergo: gender-neutral family policies have unintended consequences. The Left is consistently shocked by the blindingly obvious.


Disarm, citizens! Nothing to see here.

They have every right to be pissed. Absurd.

Good grief, get over yourself.

This would be nice, but the RNC is run by a bunch of unprincipled cowards. It’s not called the Stupid Party for no reason.

If both parties are now just “none of your problems are your own fault, Daddy Government will take care of you” then it’s truly over.

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