Afternoon Links

I was too busy on Memorial Day weekend to do Memorial Day links so I’ll just do them now because they’re still worth reading and every day should be Memorial Day. “The Graves of the Marines I Lost“; “The American Dead in Foreign Fields“; “When Charles Keating IV Was Killed In Iraq, America Lost More Than A Navy SEAL“; “On Memorial Day, It’s Personal“; “Everybody should read Gen. John Kelly’s speech about 2 Marines in the path of a truck bomb

“When done right, Memorial Day serves as an opportunity to lift the mask and unveil the price tag, thereby acknowledging the unpleasant truth that peace and ordered liberty are not humanity’s natural mode but the legacy of vigilance and heartbreak. At Lexington, at Gettysburg, at Saint-Mihiel, and at Aachen, the men who took up arms and charged forward into the fray issued forth a collective, timeless ‘no.’ Here, they insisted, were the lines that would not be crossed; these were the iniquities that would not be tolerated; theirs were the torches that would not be extinguished without a fight. If we are to avoid a repeat of the mistakes that forced them into their defensive pose, they must never leave our thoughts for too long.”

The Maiming of the Shrew

A nation of children

These are the Windsor Beauties – the 17th century equivalent of the Maxim Hot 100

JFC: “A Gallup poll found only 28 percent of Americans knew the reason Memorial Day is celebrated.” Sometimes I’m mystified about how we got two terms of Obama and a Trump-Hillary election…and then I see polls like that and it all makes sense. The American public is just mouth-breathingly stupid.

Listen to how this clown talks about Memorial Day. He couldn’t give two shits about it. Probably couldn’t even tell you what it’s about.

DARPA-designed stealth dirtbikes 

This is what feminism looks like

Seriously, I only get upset when the direwolves die. The other characters? I couldn’t care less.

What a dumb time to be alive. How depressing.

It’s on: eagles vs. drones

Debate time next fall: an imagining

T. H. Breen revisits the life of Benjamin Franklin in a review of two new biographies.

Verdi’s simple pleasures

Turner’s whales


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