Firearms Friday

First it was Katie Couric. Then it was Bryant Gumbel. Now an op-ed writer for the New York Times has decided to distort statements to smear gun owners.

No, we haven’t discovered ‘gun control that actually works’

AR-15 inventor says HBO grossly distorted his views on guns

What law – specifically – would have prevented yesterday’s UCLA shooting?

US Army moves ahead with handgun replacement program

D.C. concealed carry applications soar while ‘good reason’ requirement not enforced

The NRA Convention’s coolest firearms

Gary Johnson is a piece of shit

“Drop the pretense and declare the Sig P320 as the Army’s next handgun

Colt handguns get a facelift for summer

Hottest firearms introductions at NRAAM

Cabot’s $4.5 million meteorite pistols

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