Weekend Links

“Wow, she’s really had a terrible life.” – Yazidi sex slaves

The bravest dog of World War I started his military career as a stray.


This man is my spirit animal.

I know this isn’t funny, but it’s funny.

Bad blood has run through the New York ice cream trade for decades. In 1969, a Mister Softee driver was kidnapped by rivals who blew up his truck. In 2004, a cone-selling couple in their 60s were ambushed by competitors who beat them into critical condition with a wrench. In a 2010 brawl caught on video, two drivers near Columbus Circle exchanged punches before one man pushed the other’s face into a planter…“Let me tell you about this business,” Adam Vega, a thickly muscled, heavily tattooed Mister Softee man who works the upper reaches of the Upper East Side and East Harlem, said on Wednesday. “Every truck has a bat inside.”

Spanish Police Make Seven Arrests Over Francis Bacon Paintings Stolen in Madrid

“He became enthralled with Bernie Sanders, or as he sometimes calls him, Mahatma”

Maybe this guy can teach President Ladyboy how to throw.

“Politics is increasingly the exclusive domain of the crazy and delusional. The perversion of political discourse has brought with it a new kind of partisan loyalty, one that asks you to put aside your own thinking and have faith in an irrational leader. Being a good member of your tribe requires you to close your eyes and ears and block out all contrary evidence.”

How the luxury resorts on Egypt’s perfect beaches turned into abandoned “ghost hotels”

Astronomers say universe expanding faster than predicted

King Tut’s dagger made of iron from a meteorite

The (possible) secret love life of Herman Melville

An ode to Honour and Fleming’s World History of Art

How a Vassar professor of English helped convict the Unabomber 

There’s only one true version of King Lear, says Sir Brian Vickers, and any Shakespeare scholar who disagrees can go hang

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