Your Morning Cup of Links

Incredible. Imagine the Bush administration purging video of press briefings where they were pushed by journalists about the lead-up to the Iraq War.

This is so dumb 

Why Flaubert matters

How “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” perfectly illustrates the power of art museums

At least Bill Kristol is trying to stop Trump

Jesus Christ, people. Watch your damn kids.


“Americans interested in neither nationalism nor socialism are once more entering an era of political homelessness.”

In a normal election year Hillary’s criminal mishandling of classified information and this kind of despicable fraud would be disqualifying. But a large chunk of Americans have completely abandoned any semblance of a moral code, so here we are.

The Establishment Candidate

Oh they’re high all right

There are no words to describe the contempt I have for these children. I will vote for the first candidate who runs on a platform of throwing millennials into gorilla pits.

The winners of Iran’s annual public display of psychopathy have been announced!

Helen Keller loved pit bulls. So did James Thurber and Teddy Roosevelt. How did the breed become so feared?

Thomas Hardy’s letters will ruin your day.

A penguin called Bagpipes got a new 3-D printed foot and is so damn happy about it

The blown Libertarian moment

Dystopian fiction “has taken root” in the Middle East following the Arab Spring

I love them.

“The Madman as Painter”

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