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Why millions of artworks are being held in storage containers at free ports around the world. Very sad. Art is meant to be seen.

The drab free port zone near the Geneva city center, a compound of blocky gray and vanilla warehouses surrounded by train tracks, roads and a barbed-wire fence, looks like the kind of place where beauty goes to die. But within its walls, crated or sealed cheek by jowl in cramped storage vaults, are more than a million of some of the most exquisite artworks ever made. Treasures from the glory days of ancient Rome. Museum-quality paintings by old masters. An estimated 1,000 works by Picasso.

As the price of art has skyrocketed, perhaps nothing illustrates the art-as-bullion approach to contemporary collecting habits more than the proliferation of warehouses like this one, where masterpieces are increasingly being tucked away by owners more interested in seeing them appreciate than hanging on walls. With their controlled climates, confidential record keeping and enormous potential for tax savings, free ports have become the parking lot of choice for high-net-worth buyers looking to round out investment portfolios with art.

Get clean with soap shaped like famous paintings

Matisse in his own image

Girl receives an American Girl doll with a prosthetic to match her own

The dogs who ride the Moscow subway

Yes, idiot college kids, you need to read dead white guys. And if you don’t want to study white writers, then don’t major in English.

The wonderful world of Disney matte art

Bring back the Liberty League

Thomas Babington Macaulay reconsidered

What David French endured last week is why normal, decent people don’t run for President. As Noah Rothman put it:

It is now clear that men and women of good conscience and character have been driven out of presidential politics…A media culture that venerates celebrity above integrity and achievement is already going soft on our presidential candidates, as long as those candidates reward a ratings-driven industry with eyeballs. Those decent, hard-working, intelligent souls who have the audacity even to flirt with high office from relative obscurity are quickly disabused of the notion that their ideas will get a fair hearing. Candidates who find themselves the object of national attention are personalized and pilloried long before their policy preferences are examined, leaving us with two candidates whose only reason for running for the presidency is their high self-regard. “That’s why people with dignity and a decent respect for their families steer clear of elective office,” wrote RedState contributor and attorney Dan McLaughlin, “leaving only people like Trump and the Clintons — people incapable of shame and hermetically removed from the life of ordinary human beings.” What happens to a self-governed society when the highest qualification for leadership is a determination to avoid such a grueling and thankless charge at all costs? We’re about to find out.

The Ben Rhodes “echo chamber” wasn’t just bankrolling NPR. It was also funding your viral videos.

How an outsider President killed a political party. Dan McLaughlin rebuts. Gil Troy stands by his analysis. 

Seems reasonable

Where do we find such men

This interview with Trump will be a moral albatross about the necks of the Trumpkins. Fucking unhinged. As Tom Nichols put it on Twitter, he’s like a racist Rainman.

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