Weekend Links

I love this child.

A thoughtful essay on British farms and farming in the run-up to the Brexit vote on June 23.

What it felt like for the French to get their country back

A. Scott Berg’s 1978 book on the man who edited Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Thomas Wolfe – Max Perkins: Editor of Genius – has been turned into a film starring Colin Firth, Jude Law, and Nicole Kidman.


Sanctioned terrorist addresses National Press Club audience via Skype

James, Duke of Monmouth, was the best of the Stuart line. Too bad he never got a shot at the monarchy.

This is going so well for you, Paul. So well. I’m so happy to see this working out so, so well for you.

If the GOP hadn’t nominated an unhinged retard maybe they could be talking about this important report that just came out instead of ethnic and religious tests for judges. Oh well.

Of course: “Donald Trump Commemorates ‘Fallen Heroes’ of D-Day By Tweeting Photo of Not D-Day”


The secret life of Lord Byron is still a secret


Caroline Potter on Englishness

All the popcorn. All of it.

Henrik Bering revisits the paintings of Jacques Louis-David

Aristotle, true friendship, and the “soulmate” view of marriage

Last known 9/11 search dog euthanized. RIP.

Palestinians elect a new President (on a reality TV show)

LOL This fucking guy

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