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New-Wave Feminists Are Pro-Life Advocates’ Future

Hubble uncovers a mysterious dwarf galaxy

“It was inevitable that men with guns would shut this down.”

Alex was, unlike most children her age, very much aware that this was not the case for all children, and so she launched, with her brother’s help, a lemonade stand, with the intention of using her profits to help other children with cancer…Once her story hit the headlines — we do sometimes forget that the press can be an awesome instrument for good — that $2,000 became $1 million, and that $1 million became a movement, with children around the country opening their own summer lemonade stands in tribute to Alex and, later, in tribute to her memory. Alex died of cancer at age eight.

It was inevitable that men with guns would shut this down. As the idea of selling lemonade for charitable purposes caught on, police around the country and the turbocharged bureaucracies behind them found themselves faced with an unexpected public menace: outlaw lemonade. Alex’s Lemonade stands around the country were shut down by armed men at the behest of city health inspectors, tax collectors, licensing czars — and for-profit competitors. In Philadelphia, police were sent to shut down an Alex’s Lemonade stand for want of a permit and a hand-sanitizing station. (Philadelphia had 320 murders that year.) In the Hamptons, Jerry Seinfeld’s family was visited by police for selling lemonade to support a charity founded by the comedian’s wife. In Wisconsin, vendors resenting the competition demanded a stand be closed, and so it was. New York City insists that Alex’s Lemonade stands be licensed city concessions, like hot-dog stands; do treat your four-year-old to a bedtime reading of “Title 12 of the Rules of the City of New York,” which has 17 section headings and dozens of subsections, every jot and tittle of which must be satisfied…We are ruled by power-mad buffoons.

Attaboy, Reek. This is the way you eat a shit sandwich. With gusto, not with “Well, he’s bad but Hillary’s worse” whimpering.


Donald Trump’s endorsement of Rep. Renee Ellmers in North Carolina sent shock waves through the likely GOP presidential nominee’s supporters over the weekend, stoking new fears about his political reliability after the first person he backed has a record diametrically opposed to him on immigration. Mrs. Ellmers has been one of the House GOP’s staunchest supporters of legalizing illegal immigrants and voted against Republicans’ efforts last year to stop President Obama’s deportation amnesty.


LOL It’s getting to the point where I’m enjoying this now.

LMAO. Take your medicine, Paul. He’s almost 70 years old, you morons. This. Is. Who. He. Is.

Meet the biggest stoner in the animal kingdom.

Mysterious hemorrhagic fever outbreak stumps disease detectives

This is wonderful. (Fuck the adoptive mom though).


Good for this mother. Shame on this doctor.

This sounds really good. On my summer reading list.

Dogs descended from two separate wolf populations, not one, new study suggests.

Puccini at a distance

Cello Nation

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