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McDonald’s is the best. This is a lovely story.

Judge Curiel would be a better Republican presidential candidate than Trump.

Not The Onion

This is wonderful.

I’m glad the VA – which fails to provide basic life saving services to vets – has its priorities straight.

Oh, now that the war’s over Switzerland wants to go to war. The time to back off/unendorse/call for a different nominee was months ago, you fools. It’s too late now.

Modern art is garbage made by adult-sized infants crying for attention, Chapter 924,715

Yes, every word of this. Here’s an excerpt, but go read the whole thing.

Millions of Americans detest the idea of choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Perhaps you’re among them. You may think that both presumptive nominees are unfit for office. You may loathe the way their candidacies are warping the personalities of your friends and family, particularly on social media. Perhaps you simply feel that each of these candidates is somehow undeserving of the time and energy that is required to vote. You might also feel some pressure to suck it up and vote for “the lesser of two evils.” Well, I have a simple message for you: Don’t.

Don’t let anyone steal that disgust from your heart. It is a precious thing. You should treasure your disgust as a sign of your decency, particularly because hardly anyone else will. Don’t let anyone tell you that the nearly uncontrollable urge to retch at the thought of this election is disproportionate, or somehow uncivil. When you contemplate the fate of your country in 2016, you have the right to be depressed, or even despairing.

You know that Donald Trump is an unstable imbecile. But this knowledge doesn’t oblige you to discover new qualities in the bottomlessly cynical, power-mad grifter Hillary Clinton. In your heart of hearts, you may suspect that if she thought it would get her four centimeters closer to the presidency, Hillary Clinton would devour your squealing grandchild, or her own, live on the set of The View. It’s a terror to contemplate. But in no way should this terror obviate your equally credible suspicion that Donald Trump is rabies in human form, likely to drive our country into a feverish search for scraps in the neighbors’ garbage only to get us run over by a truck.

Tens of millions of dollars and an army of journalists and paid hacks will try to morally compel you to choose either Clinton or Trump. The internet and the nightly news will become a kind of active chain of volcanic pustules, emitting outrage and manufactured umbrage in your direction for the next five months, hoping that you scurry for cover underneath one candidacy.

Hold firm.

Yep: “Our problem isn’t people who are physically disabled but people who are morally disabled, people who wouldn’t take a bus 15 minutes to work at a gas station, much less walk 15 miles to do so.”

It’s difficult to overstate how stupid this comment is.

LMAO He only hires the “best people.” Like the guy who told Eric Cantor he’d win in 2014 and told Likud they were in trouble in 2015.

Good. That’s one of the reasons why it’s preferable that she wins, though I won’t vote for her.

This is key to understanding this election. That little minimum wage statistic, that’s why the cries of “furiners takin our jerbs” are mostly stupid. There was a time when Americans were like that graduating janitor guy I posted about a couple weeks ago. Willing to do low-paying grunt work for a little bit while they learned a new skill that would enable them to do better in life. Americans used to be willing to move to where jobs were or work for minimum wage for a bit. No more. Now we’re an entitlement culture where people don’t think they should have to put in any real effort and won’t work for less than what they feel they “deserve.” That’s why this election has given us Trump, Hillary, and Bernie. It’s the “take care of me Daddy Government” election.

Seagull goes orange for Trump (not really)

The fall of the House of Wilde

The Other Bertie

Meet the Met’s new music director

Muslim pledges allegiance to ISIS and kills gay people for being gay in the worst terror attack since 9/11 and the Left blames the NRA and Christians. Truly remarkable. And the loons on the other side spent the day blaming Syrian refugees and open borders (Spoiler: This guy was born here. And his immigrant parents didn’t come over the Mexican border). It’s just sad. We can’t even come together as a nation to grieve for 50 innocent dead Americans and their families. Everything has to be hijacked for people’s personal political agenda. It’s sick.

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