Your Morning Cup of Links

What an absolutely fascinating story: “The Old West’s Muslim Tamale King”

I’ll give you two guesses.

If only a very loud group of people had told everyone for months that exactly this would happen.

A nation of children

People don’t want garbage, feces, and needles around their property. Shocking! OUTRAGE!

This is…not good.

Don’t bother killing terrorists. Get terrorists to kill each other. They’re paranoid, violent nutballs. It’s not difficult.

For the hundredth time, if you have dual citizenship in a safe Western country and a terror state DO NOT LEAVE THE SAFE WESTERN COUNTRY AND GO TO THE TERROR STATE.

Obama is a terrible president, but a good dad. And that’s not a small thing.

Not really. Bataclan was carried out by a very organized cell of professionals that had official ISIS recognition. No evidence of that yet here.

Taliban use ‘honey trap’ boys to kill Afghan police

Scientists say they’ve unearthed a completely new kind of meteorite

Avocado shortage fuels crime wave in New Zealand

Good job by The Daily Beast: A story about every victim of the Orlando massacre

Village besieged by monkeys after tourist attraction plan backfires

Meir Soloveichick on Rembrandt’s Moses with the Ten Commandments, “one of the most authentically Jewish works of art ever created.”

A new book purports to explain why so many people hate poetry

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