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Like Democrats, Trump isn’t a fan of the Fifth Amendment. I’m shocked.

That didn’t take long. What a dumb time to be alive.

While progressives were busy blaming Christians for the attack in Orlando, Chick-Fil-A opened on a Sunday to give free food to blood donors.

Semper Fi

Yeah, I scream inside everytime I hear someone say it. It’s maddening.

LMAO Who could have predicted this? Besides everyone with a functioning brain, I mean. Heckuva job, GOP.

Thanks for ushering Hillary into the White House, Trumpkins. You fucking idiots. He’s even lost his base now (non-college whites) from +14 net fav/unfav to -7.

A party that deserves to die


This is lovely: “What happened when an Orthodox Jewish congregation went to a gay bar to mourn Orlando”

The perfect response to those who wish to restrict the Second Amendment rights of those on a secret list

Cat cafes are out, cat bars are in.

“The Islamist War on Gays Comes to America”

Good piece on idle complainers of conservatism and the rest who actually work to advance beliefs

This is wonderful.

Hilarious. Twitter Trumpkins are unknowingly arguing with a robot named Assbott – and losing.

Civil liberties keep Americans safe

The other day was Bloomsday – a commemoration of the day portrayed in James Joyce’s great modernist novel Ulysses. Elaine Showalter makes the case for a day commemorating a very different modernist masterpiece – and one celebrants might actually read: Mrs. Dalloway.

Inevitable: at Mizzou, Orlando memorial campus vigil turns into LGBT vs Latino grievance showdown.

Marcus Berkmann on Britain’s least glamorous sport: darts.

Anthony Esolen on a new translation of The Iliad 

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