Afternoon Links

Everybody knows that Shakespeare’s sonnets are about love and friendship. Rebecca Burgess says they’re about politics, too.

“A spokesman for Christie denied he was a manservant.”

Penguin’s iconic Modern Poets series is being revived this summer to introduce a new generation of poets.

Two linguists discuss The Wake, a novel written “in what might be called a shadow tongue – a pseudo-language intended to convey the feeling of the old language by combining some of its vocabulary and syntax with the English we speak today.”

On the rising reputation of Wallace Stevens

Humans never learn, which is why history just repeats itself over and over, Example 5,924,067

Darwin manuscript page sells for $250,000

“These women really are so brave.” Yes, I’m sure female Peshmerga fighting ISIS are just stunned by the bravery on display here. What a dumb time to be alive.

I’ve been thinking this too. Either the dude was impeccably trained by someone when he went overseas or there were multiple shooters (or there was a report I saw the other day that said the cops accidentally killed a bunch of people, but I find that unlikely).

This is your terror watch list. Still think due process sucks?

It’s like redneck 1984:

The suspicion of protesters reached a point at which Trump supporters were informing on each other for not being “real” supporters. One woman pointed security toward a couple sitting quietly in their seats. “Them,” she mouthed. The couple seemed baffled and denied to a security agent that they were anything but genuine Trump admirers. He waved them toward the exit and said, “Let’s go.”

Afterward the informer, who declined to give her name, grinned as onlookers congratulated her. “I heard one of them say ‘Never Trump’,” she said. “And one held up three fingers, like this.” She held up her hand in a Boy Scout salute. What did the three fingers signify? “I have no idea,” she said.

Nothing creepy and tyrannical about this at all!

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who accidentally get put on a secret list with no due process – even if you manage to somehow get yourself off of it – you can’t exercise your rights for five years. These people are insane.

“The American left has also come to hold the view, despite every fact to the contrary, that the rights protected by the First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Tenth Amendments are only in place because the politicians have been bought. The facts are that Americans are buying more guns than ever, and yet the nation has seen a dramatic decrease in gun violence. The NRA is an expression of popular will working on behalf of millions of dues paying gun owners. If wealthy and powerful interests were successful at manipulating the political process in spite of public opinion, we would have a nation that looked like what Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer wanted it to be. We don’t.”

It begins.

Just another tax on the poor.

I defended the FBI earlier in the week, but as the evidence mounts it’s starting to look like they really dropped the ball here.


Rare, risky mission underway to rescue sick scientists from South Pole

A funeral for a fire chief, 15 years after he died on 9/11

Golden Retrievers are the best (second only to German Shepherds)

This is wonderful.

How Frankenstein’s monster became human

The greatest crime in literary history was the destruction of Byron’s memoir

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