Your Morning Cup of Links

This Continetti piece is so good. Here’s an excerpt, but read the whole thing:

It’s a joke. All of it: his candidacy, the apparatus of propaganda and grift surrounding it, the failures of governance and education and culture that have brought us to this place. What disturbs me most is the prospect that Donald Trump is what a very large number of Republican voters want: not a wonk, not an orator, not a statesman, not even a leader, really, if by leader you mean someone who persuades and inspires and manages a team to pursue a common good. They just want a man who vents their anger at targets above and below their status.

How cathartic it is to give voice to your fury, to wallow in self-righteousness, in helplessness, in self-serving self-pity. It’s what one expects of teenagers, artists, bloggers, pajama boys—immature, peevish, radical, self-destructive behavior. If that is how Republican voters would like to end their days, in a defensive posture of suspicion and loathing of this big crazy wonderful country that has made them literally the wealthiest and most entitled generation of human beings in the history of the world, well, that’s their right as Americans, I suppose. Best of luck. The Darwin Award will be ready for you November 9.

Cats may understand cause and effect, be able to predict the presence of objects, possess a shrewd understanding of how the world works, and even have a grasp of what gravity is, according to a new study.

Meet Earth’s “quasi-satellite” – a tiny asteroid that’s followed us for a century

This is lovely.


The NYT has found the real victims of the Orlando shooting

You can finally see “Hamilton”…kind of.

Weird. I was told businesses aren’t allowed to act on their consciences. The government must force this woman to serve me food.

Bach for guitar

The war in Syria is killing off not only civilians, but medical knowledge itself.

The great-grandson of Maria and Georg von Trapp marries a kindred spirit.

Yeah, can’t vote for anyone with these kinds of ties to the Kremlin.

Hasn’t this country suffered enough?

The details are unclear, but the Brontë Society “seems to have split into two factions, the ‘modernisers’ and the ‘conservatives,’ who are now battling for the society’s soul.”

6 reasons everyone should take music lessons

Madrid hosts splendid 500th anniversary Bosch exhibition

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