Democrats shut down Congress with anti-civil rights sit-in. Good!

Fine by me. Any day Congress isn’t working is a good day for liberty. Let these toddlers throw their tantrum for the next year, for all I care. Just turn off the lights and the AC, maybe even brick them in there. By the way, Cornyn’s bill gave Dems what they allegedly wanted and they voted it down so they could continue to have this issue for November. This isn’t about solutions. It’s just theater to animate their dumb base. Remember when Dems used to do sit-ins FOR civil rights, instead of against them? Good times.

Now you might say that it’s childish to sit down criss-cross, applesauce on the floor of the House. You might say that this is the first sit-in you recall when members of Congress staged such a stunt in opposition to civil rights. You might note that Democrats twice voted down bills that would have expanded terror list background checks while also protecting the constitutionally protected right of due process.

But why focus on the negative? Democrats have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to grandstand in such a rule-breaking fashion that Republicans declared the House in recess. And that’s a good thing! The less time Congress is voting on bills, the less opportunity they have to take away our constitutionally protected freedoms. Instead of complaining about Democrats’ anti-civil rights behavior, let’s celebrate it just this once. Let’s help them keep the House in recess for as long as they’re able. Could they keep it going through next year? We can hope!

The funny thing is, most Democrats I know or follow on social media think this is a “shitty, racist, useless bill,” so this is a really odd hill for Congressional Democrats to choose to die on. But this is the Democrat Party in 2016: “We Shall Overcome the Constitution.” How embarrassing. In the end, this will go the usual way: House Dems stage a sit in. House GOP allows a vote. Dems tank gun control bills. Dems throw giant tantrum. Media eats it up. Our semi-retired president issues another statement saying just how darn disappointed he is in all of us. Rinse and repeat.

Nothing stirs the passions of Democrats these days quite like the prospect of gutting the Constitution. In an unprecedented act of pretend political bravery, House members held a catered sit-in, demanding Republicans allow a vote to strip away protections of Second, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments of the Constitution. It was quite the scene. There were the selfie-happy Democrats singing “We Will Overcome” while demanding passage of a bill that those right-wing nutjobs over at the ACLU have “strongly” argued would undermine civil liberties. As of this writing, no participant has been beaten down by the cops or thrown into a dank cell — although, for those who’d forgotten their chargers, iPhone batteries were probably getting perilously low on juice. Sit strong, heroes!

Civil rights-era heroes like John Lewis, who lent his considerable legacy to this vacuous grandstanding, was once himself on the terror watch list. He didn’t know how he got on it. He didn’t know how to get off of it. Yet today he believes this Kafkaesque system is a sound way to deny his fellow citizens their rights.

This is the Democratic Party of 2016. Engaging in emotional blackmail and demagoguery, waving pictures of the victims of Islamic terrorism to push an unrelated bill that would not have saved a single one of those lives and will never pass. All while lying about guns. Lying about the laws that govern guns and refusing to vote for, or even discuss, a compromise measure Republicans forwarded in the Senate. It’s been far more important to gin up anger and moral outrage for political gain. Don’t get me wrong. I hope Democrats dig deep and find the steely resolve to disrupt all of DC’s business until they are given a vote — for weeks or months, if necessary. Shut it all down.

By the way, I’m so glad the GOP nominated Trump so they can hand over the keys to these dumb brats. Well done, everyone.

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