Your Morning Cup of Links

Brexit: Welcome, Britain, to our revolution. England’s Brexit issues mirror our own. As an Anglophile and a lover of liberty, I would Vote Leave if I could.

The rise of cultural parasites

Oh boy I’m sure glad they censored ISIS from the 911 transcript. I can’t possibly tell what his motivations were now.


This administration is such a joke. This is Soviet-level propaganda shit. If Dylann Roof had declared allegiance to the KKK in a 911 call, what are the odds Obama’s DOJ would have redacted that “minor” fact? After a day of being mocked, they reversed course, but the fact that the censorship impulse is there at all is the real problem.

Oh FFS. What a dumb time to be alive. “Rifle Emoji Deleted After Pressure From Tech Companies”

LOL. NSA provides about 80% of our intel. Good luck fighting ISIS – or anyone – without it.

What a dumb article. There are expensive sex toys now and that’s bad or something.

ESPN to give their award this year to someone who actually deserves it.

Great job, idiots.

DWI arrests are up 7.5% in Austin, Texas since the city banned Uber and Lyft.

Gang of teens beat two girls in DC Metro, post video of attack; adults stand by and watch.

Lol. Unexpectedly!

This is such utter horseshit.

A “brilliant” history of Nazi concentration camps

Why do artists collect?

Turner’s genius

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