Afternoon Links

Elie Wiesel visits Disneyland

Eliot, Auden, and Yeats all praised David Jones’s 1937 In Parenthesis as a masterpiece, the best long poem to come out of World War I – so how come no one reads it anymore?

Charlotte Brontë’s dress gaffe ruled out 165 years after Thackeray dinner

How the Rose Garden became the Rose Garden

Review of a judicious new biography of William Sherman

Where rich people learn how to survive the apocalypse 

“Veep” is a cathartic show for an awful political age

The National Zoo celebrates the first pregnancy of one of its orangutans in a quarter century.

Hubble Telescope will shoot for another five years

Risky South Pole rescue succeeds as two patients are airlifted out

When poets are parents

“Giving birth not a gender-neutral event” ergo: gender-neutral family policies have unintended consequences. The Left is consistently shocked by the blindingly obvious.


Disarm, citizens! Nothing to see here.

They have every right to be pissed. Absurd.

Good grief, get over yourself.

This would be nice, but the RNC is run by a bunch of unprincipled cowards. It’s not called the Stupid Party for no reason.

If both parties are now just “none of your problems are your own fault, Daddy Government will take care of you” then it’s truly over.

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