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Weekend Art Break

Alphonse Mucha (1896)


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Afternoon Art Break

“The Tepidarium”
Théodore Chassériau (1853)


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Your Morning Cup of Links

Divers in Sweden sniff out 340-year-old shipwrecked cheese

Russia has a long history of doing what they’re doing now. Oliver Stone’s JFK film was based on a KGB active measure. Here are other examples where this tradecraft succeeded.


“Meet Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, Russian groups blamed for DNC hack”

Correct. He also won’t release them because he’s not as rich or as philanthropic as he claims to be.

Responding to catastrophe with classical music

JFC. Fuck this election to the moon and back. I hate everyone so much.

After his speech, Johnson wandered around the convention greeting voters and conducted a round of interviews. One reporter asked him about the lack of diversity in the Libertarian Party, which, as some people remember from college dorm-room discussions, tends to attract a disproportionate number of young white males. Johnson said that there was no diversity problem, and that the Party would do better in nonwhite communities as he became better known. A few minutes later, an aide directed him to a room in the convention center that was named for Harriet Tubman. “Who’s Harriet Tubman?” Johnson asked. (After the aide reminded him who Tubman was, Johnson recalled that she will appear on a new twenty-dollar bill.)

Oh good, Trump has a new insane plan to completely collapse the economy: leave the WTO.

Julian Barnes on three 19th-century Scandinavian artists

Why Putin hates Hillary

Muslim migrants angrily demand Germans stop sunbathing in the nude

Can someone please hood him like a falcon? Make it stop. So embarrassing and shameful.

“Meanwhile, one of the little Trumps (Uday or Qusay, I forget which) already is talking about running for mayor of New York City”

Before Marcel Duchamp there was Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven 

This is a manifestly dangerous man and I am so damn angry at everyone who supports him.

OMG Christie and Warren. I’m dying.

In London, people are waiting for hours for 30 seconds in a room of illuminated pumpkins. Why?

My god, Marco. Come on, man.

This is absolutely correct: “Media have a ‘cry wolf’ problem with Trump.” The media deserves a lot of blame for our current situation.

David Hockney’s portraits

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Evening Art Break

“Ballerina in a Death’s Head”
Salvador Dali (1939)


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Throwback Thursday

A 7-year-old Frank Sinatra


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Afternoon Art Break

“The Summer”
Paul Delvaux (1938)


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Your Morning Cup of Links

A free society is a moral achievement. Without self-restraint, without the capacity to defer the gratification of instinct, and without the habits of heart and deed that we call virtues, we will eventually lose our freedom.”

Shakespeare in London

Trump’s RNC speech was despairing and anti-American

Trump spent nearly 77 minutes running down my beloved country, and I don’t take kindly to it…Major political speeches are usually balancing acts between light and dark, between expressions of the positive and the threat posed to it by the negative. They establish the existence of something good and what qualities of goodness it possesses, explain how it is being warped by something bad, and offer a way to repair the damage and restore the equilibrium. This isn’t just a boilerplate structure. You do it this way because it is a reflection of reality. Speeches are both diagnoses of problems and prescriptions for solutions, and unless the diagnosis describes a recognizable reality, the solutions will ring either hollow or exploitative.

You talk about the good and the bad because that is how life is. Nothing save actual evil is without virtue; there is nothing that is not unmixed. That was not true of Trump’s United States. He did not offer a portrait, a description, a sense of what America is or has been or can be at its best and take off from there to describe what has gone wrong and how to fix it. There was almost no light and almost complete darkness.

The America Donald Trump portrayed is a horrible place, awash in barbarity, crime, disorder, decay, deceit, rigging, cheating, exploitation. It is very nearly beyond salvation, in such dire straits that a man who was having a wonderful time in business felt called upon to serve as “your voice” because “only I can fix it” the problem.

I don’t know how to say this except sentimentally, but there it is: America in 2016 is still America. It is still the greatest, and noblest, and freest, and most just society the world has ever seen and a shining beacon of hope to the world. And when it is caricatured, when it is degraded, when its people are told by one of the two people who might sit in the White House for the next four years that they live in a barbaric and hopeless dystopia from which they need to be saved by a strong hand rather than in a great country where some things have gone off the tracks and need to be placed back on them—the person who does such a thing has indulged himself in a deeply unpatriotic act of rhetorical infamy.

Why does #NeverTrump attack Trump more than Hillary?

“Donald Trump is crazy and so is the GOP for embracing him”

How equal should opportunities be?

The strange tale of the best-selling crime novel of the 19th century

The French military is already on the streets protecting Jewish institutions from Islamist attacks. Soon they’ll have to do it for Christians too. Not a tenable situation.

The Worst Generation

What it’s like to be a black cop in the age of Black Lives Matter

It’s getting dusty in here. #CatsRule

Elizabeth I’s ‘Reign of Terror’

“Whoever wins, I know that come January, I will be in the conservative opposition to a statist administration, and in search of a new party to call home.”

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