Firearms Friday

Ghost Gunner 2 moves AR production to the living room

Superb Dave Kopel summary of just how heavily involved with Second Amendment litigation gay activists have been.

The case for more concealed handguns

Concealed carrier prevents mass shooting at SC nightclub

Gun, ammo sales spike in wake of terror attack and gun control push

Why we will always needs to own guns

It’s a truth as clear and fundamental as any other: free men own weapons, slaves do not…Behind the surface of America’s “gun culture” exists a grim and simple truth: There is no protector; there is no guardian; there is no defender except oneself.

All through history, nations have fallen. No empire has ever withstood the march of history, and likewise our own will fail. We are far too young a nation to believe ourselves untouchable, and only through arrogance and naivety do we convince ourselves of our most dangerous folly: “It can’t happen to me.” The people of the West desperately need a reality check. We are so comfortable, so happy, and so ignorant of our own good fortune that we begin to believe humanity has changed. But more and more it becomes clear that this belief is unfounded, put to lie by the violence visited upon innocents across our nation. The wolves are among us once more, and no law will protect you. You are responsible for yourself.

What is it like to fire an AR-15? Comfortable and therapeutic.

Reminder: America is awash in guns, and crime is at record lows.

On guns, Democrats have lost their minds

Military uniforms are no substitute for arguments

Awesome: Huge LGBT turnout for free gun courses surprises shooting range owners

FBI goes back to 9mm with Glock

Browning FN Model 1910: The first shots of WWI

Little girl firing an AR-15 makes Daily News reporter look like a girl

They won’t care. It’s never about actual results for the Left, it’s simply about being able to say they’ve “done something.” The government routinely fails to enforce the gun laws we have on the books now and the Left doesn’t care.

Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in federal database

Alcoholic wife-beating Sun Times columnist tries to do his own “I can’t believe I bought a rifle so quickly!” story, it backfires badly.

The gun control farce: Democrats refuse to acknowledge the facts

Superb piece on the media’s disastrous Second Amendment reporting, in Slate (!!!) of all places.

Crowdfunding: The craze that’s giving small gun businesses a boost

Snub-nose revolvers get LaserLyte touch

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