Your Morning Cup of Links

This is lovely

Shakespeare: Actor. Playwright. Social Climber.

What a dumb time to be alive

This is banana republic stuff, but Republicans nominated Trump, so none of it matters.

“Middle Easterners are among the least ‘politically correct’ people in the entire world. The very idea of Western-style ‘political correctness’ in the Middle East is absurd. They are far less ‘sensitive,’ in the progressive sense of that word, than virtually anyone in the United States. And they know damn well that ISIS is Islamic. We’re not earning any points with our allies in the Muslim world by denying this, nor would we alienate any of them by acknowledging it.”

This is an absolutely insane thing to say, but nothing that comes out of this idiot’s mouth surprises me anymore. Completely delusional.

This is appalling. She has no idea who Dan is. Her producers must have told her she was interviewing Farage and she didn’t know the difference. How embarrassing.

JFC. Maybe we should spend more time on Code of Conduct training and less on diversity training. Just a thought.

So weird that the Israelis can’t make peace with these people. Just so, so weird.

Not surprising at all. Chechens/recruits from Caucuses are among the largest groups inside ISIS.

Because they don’t want to ruin the special relationship they have with Turkey. Next question.

Why did the Western die?

Gustav Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer paintings to be reunited at the Neue Galerie

“Everyone.” Ok, Bubble Boy.

As usual, Kevin Williamson says what needs to be said: normal people cannot vote for Trump.

Well done, NASA. Well done.

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