Your Morning Cup of Links

JFC. Your tax dollars at work. ‪Abolish the TSA.

No one cares. Fuck off.


NASA’s New Horizons probe to visit mysterious object in outer solar system

Of course it was.

Goats are more like dogs than we thought

Colony of more than a million penguins threatened by ash falling from erupting volcano

Odd couple Israel and Egypt enjoying ‘best times ever’

New Yorkers really are the worst people

Extraordinary, tragic and sexually tempestuous: the life of pianist Franz Liszt

Least shocking thing ever: Top ranked colleges don’t require history majors to study U.S. history. This country is so screwed.

A history of slavery in New England

No, Igor Stravinsky was not arrested in Boston in 1940 for performing a weird arrangement of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” “But the real story of what happened to the composer in Boston is an incredible tale. He did compose a weird arrangement of the national anthem, and the Boston police really did ban him from performing it — sparking a national uproar and a tense showdown that played out live on the radio.”

Library cat’s job is saved

The most ‘Merica story ever


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