Your Morning Cup of Links

The dangers of politicizing tragedy

Peter Paul Rubens sets new record with $58 million Old Masters sale

Words cannot express how much I want a bomb robot. (BTW, I support the use of this in the situation the other night…but I’m worried about it in the future.)

The art of handwriting

Blair didn’t lie his way into Iraq. Neither did Bush.


Lol of course. Kremlin-huggers gotta stick together. Looks like it’s gonna be four Democrats on the presidential tickets this year. Super. Between Clinton, Trump, and Flynn the one who pressed the Russian Reset button would be by far the most skeptical of Putin. What a ridiculous election.

LOL This fucking guy

The Lego Disney Castle: Finally a Death Star for Girls

Let’s have a moment of candor

Muslim women were once forbidden from sport. A new generation now chases Olympic glory.

Allen C. Guelzo reviews a new biography of the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams


“We showed people these 11 dissidents and they told us who they think should lose the right to speak freely.” The Left is so retarded.

Everyone should support police accountability

Let’s debate the Iraq War, let’s not rewrite history

Doctors examine Vincent van Gogh

“Their deaths were not the fault of the NRA, or Obama, or the protestors in downtown Dallas”

Rukmini Callimachi reports on ISIS for The New York Times—a demoralizing, tormenting, dangerous beat. She constructs her pieces like poems.

The weird, wonderful world of subversive Garfield spinoffs

What a sweetheart

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