Afternoon Links

91-year old woman fills in crossword at museum that was an $89,000 work of art

Uptick in city violence may be due to realignment of heroin black markets

A new exhibit at the Phillips Collection honors the centennial of William Merritt Chase’s death

“Fryer found that not only are blacks not more likely to be shot; such shootings are extremely rare altogether.”

The Democrats’ self-serving distractions

The Black Lives Matter movement is not the answer to problems in black communities

How did A Tale of Two Cities become “the best-selling English-language novel of all time”?

“If labor participation were as high as when Barack Obama became president, the unemployment rate would be over 9 percent.”

And the GOP decided to counter this by…nominating Donald Trump.

Discovery of Philistine cemetery may solve Biblical mystery

This kind of stuff is just the new normal and everyone accepts it. It’s so sad.

The constant blatant lying from this man is just so infuriating. He can’t help himself. He just can’t. He’s a lying divisive asshole by nature.

Sanders fans are idiot children, Part 5,147


Mass invasion of Greek art comes to the Met

What the fuck is wrong with everyone? Seriously, what is happening?

A history of drinking in Parliament

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