Weekend Links

This makes me want to cry

Larry the Cat stays put amid upheaval of British politics

Oh what a shock

Roger Scruton looks at the conflict between “law and love” in Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle

Lol what a dumbass

Mike Pence is a fraud, which makes him perfect as Trump’s VP choice

How the Wildenstein art empire found itself fighting a $500 million tax bill

Watching Shakespeare with your kids

Donald Trump won’t be the GOP’s “My Fair Lady”

David Bowie’s personal art collection goes to auction

Newt stood outside Trump’s window the other night with that boombox playing the mixed tape “Bigoted, Authoritarian Horseshit,” but it just wasn’t enough. Congrats to Mike Pence, who will now watch his political career end in a raging dumpster fire like he deserves to.

Exactly. ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ didn’t mean  #‎HopefullyRepublicansCanNominateSomeoneBesidesTrump‬. It’s not dead. Not sure why this is so hard to understand.

Osman Durrani takes stock of Goethe’s accomplishment

A history of exhaustion

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