Afternoon Links

The “lone wolves” are a cultural problem more than anything, but that would be an uncomfortable conversation to have, so we won’t have it.

The Party of Lincoln comes to Cleveland this week to die.

No surprise here. Standard muj behavior.

The brilliant, surprisingly funny computer code behind the Apollo 11 mission

Words cannot describe how much I hate this Kremlin-hugging scumsucker and everyone who works for him. Absolute, pure hatred.

The work of an idiot pensioned government employee who knows he won’t be fired

This would be great, but it’s not going to happen. The Trumpkins’ embarrassing defeat in November will feel good, but it won’t really matter. Country is full of proud ignoramuses. America is fucked. It’s over.

The History of Life-Sized, Fully Dissectible “Anatomical Venuses”

Well, you did it to yourselves.

Recent Facebook post from one of the cops killed in Baton Rouge yesterday. So sad.

BREAKING: Idiot know-nothing has no interest in knowing anything. But a third of the idiot American electorate still thinks he should be the most powerful man in the world. We deserve whatever happens to us.

Correct, which is why voting for him is wrong and irresponsible.

For Monica Vitti, Eileen Gray and Frank Lloyd Wright, their homes were the culmination of passionate affairs. And the places they ended.

Erdogan supporters in the streets are not garden-variety AKP supporters, they’re Islamists.

A new exhibition shows Dr. Seuss’s insomnia-induced art

Blood Meridian is not Cormac McCarthy’s masterpiece. It’s Suttree. (I disagree).

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