Your Morning Cup of Links

The American side of France’s greatest postwar poet Yves Bonnefoy

Vatican digitizes a 1,600-year-old fragment of the Aeneid—the world’s oldest version of the epic poem.

Your monthly reminder that Obama’s Iran deal was just a bribe to Iran to not make nukes until after he left office.

Cleveland is the end of the GOP as we know it:

All those who have thrown in their lot with an anti-free-trade, lifelong Democrat with no apparent understanding of the Constitution should not have a future in the party. Everyone who proved they were more interested in power than principle should be exiled…Trying to get Trump interested in serious policy reform is like trying to get Vladimir Putin interested in free and fair elections: he has no use for them. That’s why Republican leaders who are willing to jettison their erstwhile conservative principles must go. Even if Trump wins in November, conservatives would be faced with a GOP unmoored from any coherent governing philosophy—and a president who is uninterested in one…Political parties must sometimes go through refining fires. Now comes the fire for the GOP. May it burn as long and as hot as it must. The country depends on it.

The Party of Trump shuts down dissent. The vote would have failed. Instead, Trump and Reince decided to martyr ‪#‎NeverTrump‬. Fucking idiots. So awesome. Proud of the people resisting the fascist takeover of their party this week. They’ll lose, but at least they fought.

“Now is a time for dissent. Unity is for sellouts.”

Good for this guy

How much of his ear did van Gogh cut off? The whole thing.

Ridiculous, like all “hate crime” laws. Implies regular old murder is somehow a lesser crime.



Have opera broadcasts in HD hurt the art form?

Trump and the cult of stupid

Play piano like a Darcy with nearly 600 Austen-approved tunes

Joseph Hebert responds to Paul Cantor’s essay on Shakespeare and chivalry




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