Ted Cruz, you beautiful, beautiful man


In a party full of cowards, Cruz stood apart

Lion Ted

I choose Ted:

Ted Cruz has never been my favorite politician. And I am not so naïve that I don’t recognize the gamble Cruz is making. But if the choice is between forgiving Ted Cruz’s obvious political calculation to become the standard bearer of an authentic conservatism or Donald Trump’s lizard-brain narcissism where no principle or cause outranks his own glandular desire to be worshipped like a conqueror atop the carcass of conservatism, I choose Ted. If the choice is between, say, congratulating the Boy Scoutish obedience of Mike Pence as he sells off bits and pieces of his soul like jewels from a family heirloom just to survive another day or Ted Cruz, who took the tougher road and refused to join the mewling mobs of toadies, apologists, human weathervanes, difference-splitters, and vacillators, I choose Ted. If the choice is between suspending the rules of decorum, decency, and civility for Donald Trump as he casually badmouths his own country to the New York Times just as he secures the presidential nomination of the Republican party or accepting that we are in dark and uncharted waters and conscience must light the way, I choose Ted.


Why Ted Cruz’s huge convention gamble will pay off in the end

Now they will hate him all the more. The Republican apparatchiks will despise Cruz out of their own envy, because he demonstrated the courage to do what they would not: resist Trump to his face. They resist him only through their mealy-mouthed endorsements. They will hate Cruz for making them trash a vote of “conscience” while they defend a Trump candidacy they loathe. Cruz has provoked defense hawks like Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) to denounce him strenuously as “not a true conservative,” on the same night Trump put into question the whole NATO alliance in a tossed-off interview in The New York Times. Cruz has caused Trump’s useful idiots to out and embarrass themselves further. When you become outraged at a man who encourages you to abide by your conscience, it means your conscience has already condemned you.

“Martha Huckabay, a Louisiana delegate, said she burst into tears when she realized what Cruz was doing. ‘I haven’t stopped crying,’ she said, her eyes watering. ‘I’m devastated by what Cruz said.’”


This photo of the Trumps watching Cruz’s speech is my everything.


My questions for Trumpkins are three-fold:

1. Why don’t you consider what Cruz said to be an endorsement of your candidate? “Vote for who you trust to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution.” What does it say about what you know to be true about your candidate that you don’t think those are words which apply to Donald Trump?

2. If you don’t think Donald Trump is someone who can be trusted to defend our freedom and be faithful to the Constitution (the only reason you would consider Cruz’s speech not to have been an endorsement), why have you been supporting him?

3. And lastly. . .what does all this say about you?

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