Afternoon Links

The last free-ranging library cat in Illinois

The GOP Convention was a stomach-churning affair

Party animal: slow loris study reveals preference for highly alcoholic drinks

NeverTrump isn’t dead. It’s needed now more than ever.

Might have to start doing CrossFit

Of course he won’t

Whatever kills the deer is fine with me, though cougars deprive me of delicious venison.

Correct. In my top 3 reasons I can’t vote for him. Absolutely cannot vote for someone with these kinds of ties to the Kremlin.

17 blockbuster summer art shows worth traveling for

We’re losing our republic because we lack the will to restrain democracy

Our nation’s Founders understood a singular truth about human nature. No single person — or group of persons — could be fully trusted with power…In other words, there is nothing magical or inherently virtuous about the “will of the people.” The people are just as capable of error, just as capable of becoming tyrants, as any tin-pot dictator. Thus, the Founders gave us a republic, if — as Ben Franklin is alleged to have admonished — we can keep it. Every branch of government checks the other. The people check the government. The Constitution is supreme over all, protecting our core civil liberties from the will of the majority and from the abuse of the rulers. At its heart, the entire system depends on the understanding that no person is above the law.

But no government — no matter how wisely constructed — can long survive in the absence of at least some degree of human courage and conviction. People who abuse power can be stopped only by other people who have the authority and responsibility to defend our liberties and our way of life. And, yes, sometimes that means standing in front of democracy to preserve the principles of the republic.

The mirrors behind Rembrandt’s self-portraits

Why you pay twice as much for butter as you should

My relationship is on rock solid ground


There is far more to it than two armoured horse riders hurtling towards each other with 12ft lances. Jousting demands levels of athleticism, agility and equestrianism that make it an ideal candidate for the Olympics, English Heritage argues. The organisation has launched a campaign to get jousting recognised as an Olympic sport in time for Tokyo 2020.

In-flight instructions used by astronaut John Glenn during historic 1962 Mercury spaceflight sold for $66,993

Frederick the Great was a “ruthless, Shakespearean Prince Hal-cum-Henry V, only real, and more talented, and much, much more terrible—not in the common sense of low or immoral, but in the sense of one who rightly inspires fear.”

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